I get tired at 8pm

And I get sluggishly tired around 9.
When I’m at home, I go to bed when I get tired.
I thought sleeping when tired was a good thing, but now I’m starting to get too easily tired when I’m with others.

Am I just doomed to be an early sleeper, or is there anything I can do to prolong my tolerance without fighting to keep my eyes open every night?

What time of morning do you wake up?

Honey it could have to do with when you take your meds try taking them an hour or two later and see if that doesn’t change something. I personally don’t mind being early to bed, early to rise, but I could imagine you might want to have a more normal schedule to the rest of society.

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2 words coff-ee lol sorry dont listen to my irrisponsible comments. should ofcourse be used in moderation

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