I get panic attacks

I have been living with Paranoid Schizophrenia for now 12 years. I get panic attacks while delivering a new project in my Professional life. The basic reason diagnosed for panic attacks is stress at the time for delivery. Or if i have to learn a new thing in less time. My mind try to betray me and all of my team mates seems to be my enemies to me. it seems the whole world is against me. I am unable to cope up to the corporate pressures in my life. I am married and having a kid.

Please suggest any coping skills for for stress and the paranoia in me.

Once i tried to end my life as well. Should i move to different profession. Where stress is less.


have you looked into Mindfulness?
I practice at least 5 minutes every day.
if you look online at YOUTUBE 5 minutes meditation practice

have you tried talking to yourself with positive thoughts


Check this thread out:

Ok, so you’re very highly functioning, married and your wife is pregnant and you have a corporate job. That puts you in the upper 90% of all schizophrenics. You need top of the line doctors, an experienced therapist and an experienced psychiatrist. I have both and am a highly functioning student, im 21 years old. Yeah I tried to kill myself once too, you’re in good company I think most of the people on these forums have tried that.

You need whats called a benzodiazapine or minor tranquilizer for your panic attacks. Its not hard to get them and you actually need them. I am prescribed them to have a higher quality life where I can sit still, not think about all of the negative ■■■■ in my life all at once, and be social and feel normal. I also take an antispsychotic and it works quite well.

You can try breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth while sitting still, its a common thing therapists teach patients with anxiety. While doing it, just focus on your breathing, one two, in and out.

But seriously if you are a professional and make money, wisely spend some of it on the best treatment you can afford. I think sanity is worth money, my parents obviously think so, I have a metric ■■■■ ton on cash invested in my brain. I am the great and infinitely unique Maurice! Mwaahahahahaha

But yeah I am making straight A’s in the university’s honors program studying psychology, my plan is to get into the clinical psychology graduate program and tear it a new one.

Glad to see that you are doing well…rather uncannily well. Are you on an antipsychotic? If not then wow. If so then still, good job at life.

Lately after I get panic attacks I am depressed. That’s not normal for me. I just had to rush home to take my medication because I was having a panic attack and leave all my friends to their endeavors. My friend is going to NYC and staying at a hostel for the 4th of july and asked me to give him a ride to Baltimore where he decided to get the bus down to NYC, but my dad’s surgery coincides with the exact date and I promised my dad I would take him to surgery so it’s like God is preventing me from going I feel it because it’s so coincidental. I also had a dream I wasn’t meant to go at this time. I also was told by a friend her phone randomly searched NYC when I asked where I might be most likely to die in or to avoid in the next few years or future.

God has blessed me and blessed many. When you feel panic, look to God as a source of inspiration.

When I have a panic attack i usually take my anti-anxiety medicine. Try to seek out a doctor that can prescribe you these. It helps me with the physical symptoms. As where your profession is concerned do something that you love and gives you pleasure. For me, high stress inducing field might not be for me.

I try and find a very close loved one to talk it out with. Most of mine is bottled up energy because I wont talk about it out loud. Then to have someone sitting there next to me reassuring that everything is fine, I’m not alone, it will be okay, it’s not my fault or whatever I need them to say, because when I say it to myself I just don’t believe it.

Sometimes though being around others has caused the panic attack and if that’s the case I need to find a quiet spot for just me to be in until the shaking stops, or the nausea goes away. If it’s the bathroom in a public area or just escaping to my hotel room when out on vacation being in a quiet environment helps me. I’ll put my hands in my lap and rest the palms on my head, close my eyes, and just do my deep breathing until I feel calm enough to rejoin people. At least that helps me.