What do you do about a headache?

I seem to have an ongoing headache that I don’t quite know what to do about.

Maybe it is a side effect if it is ongoing?

I never thought of that - taking a pill for a head problem and getting a headache - it’s almost comical.

Well i saw some people on forums saying that some aps caused headaches. Ask a pdoc. What meds do you take chordy?


Id talk to pdoc

Caffeine and chocolate, works on even the most stubborn headache for me.

When my headache lingers past a couple of days, I start looking for something moldy in the house, (been tested and it’s one of the many things I’m allergic to) usually I can discover some citrus - green mold,the worst for me, or some blue mold on bread.
Once removed my headache goes away fairly quickly.

Mold is sneaky, grows slowly and can impair my ability to recognize that I have become an angry,irritable moody person.

My headaches are either tension or sinus related, so a good head massage often helps and if not then a little paracetemol does the trick.

I think a lot of mine are tension. What is paracetemoi?

I have chronic migraines. Medicine doesn’t even touch it, but if I do it early enough, caffeine or sex cures me. Weirdly, masturbating does nothing. I don’t get it.

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Drink warm water. (Most headaches are the result of dehydration in the lower intestines.) “Migraines,” however, may not be.