Any of u have a lot of headache and dizziness

As a child and teenager, I have years of having a lot of headache and dizziness. I was 16 when I began to feel not right. It goes with heart problems and headache/dizziness.

Some time after diagnosed, all these come back and I often feel unwell. I wonder if it happens in any of u?

I get headaches a lot. No dizzy spells though.

I get headaches and dizziness a lot too. It turned out to be caused by a blood pressure issue.

There are many different causes and types of headaches. It’s best to talk to your doctor about it to rule out more serious causes.



I don’t get any, When I was younger I used to get how I’d describe a knife through the head - that pain was that sharp. But that was very rare once a year if that.

I believe that alot of people get headacks from a lack of water in there diet. If you don’t already maybe you should give it a go… Just an idea :smile:

Hi Anthony @radmedtech is it a low blood pressure? I used to have that. Dr said my heart is like hardly beat.

Yes, it’s called orthostatic hypotension. Meaning my blood pressure gets low with posture changes like standing up too fast. This is a side effect from many psych medications.

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I was going to say, my past headaches and dizzy spells were from side effects of my meds. Once those got leveled out, they stopped. Lately they have been from nicotine withdrawal. The headaches are easing up, but still there.

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Just to add my voice to this thread. I’ve been experiencing almost daily headaches and dizziness, I think it’s due to my meds being increased. I’m hoping it’l level out soon enough.

I used to get migraines everyday but since I stopped drinking so much coffee they’ve decreased dramatically… I now drink mostly decaf with no more than four cups of the real stuff a day.