I found some Mucuna to boost dopamine, should I take it?

It improves my negative and cognitive symptoms but makes me angry. Should I take it?

If it makes you angry that’s probably not a good thing, no?


Its a bad thing but sometimes I am desperate to improve my negative and cognitive symptoms.

Its similar to stimulants Adderall and Ritalin but much weaker.

Last time I took it I was able to get out of bed, exercise outside for 2hrs, bicycle and jogging. Then hanged out with friends for an hour. I was also much less hungry, barely ate anything. I also played video games on my own for 4hrs straight.

It sounds great aside from the angry bit.

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My Dr told me to not take it as it can worsen psychosis. APs reduce dopamine function while this Mucuna increase dopamine function.

Ah then best to not take it then, yes?

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Yes not worth the side effects.

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Once I took 7 pills and my emotions of before sz came back, I felt relieved of negative and cognitive symptoms BUT I started hearing a voice.

What does your doctor say about it?



He said anything that increase dopamine worsens psychosis and to stay away from.

I think that’s the advice to go by?

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Maybe try Turmeric? It also boosts dopamine, but is much milder than mucuna. If you get a combo with turmeric and piperine(pepper) it should help absorption. But the trick here is to settle for a mild effect. Taking much of it could give you symptoms.

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I used to take that for antioxidants but it did nothing. It was the most concentrated extract on the market like 50 000:1 extract ratio. I stopped it as it did nothing and was expensive. Also my dr said it thins the blood and to not take it with fish oil as both thin the blood and increase risk of bleeding.

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I take a multivitamin, calcium-magnesium, 5000ui vit d, and fish oil everyday.


Then there is roseroot(rhodiola rosea), which also impacts dopamine. It’s also considered a antidepressive.

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The problem with sz is that when you decrease dopamine negative and cognitive symptoms get worse but when you increase dopamine positive symptoms get worse. Its hell!

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rhodiola is pretty good imo. doesnt affect my sz but can make my heart race if i take too much