I found out how to make voices go away (Theory)

Okay so ever since my voices mellowed down to unfamiliar word thoughts inside my head bouncing around, I realized I kinda missed hearing their childish harassment. So I wanted them to come back (I know selfish right?). Anyways anytime I heard them I would instantly reply with weirdest sh*t like “I love you” or “Please stay” and then they wouldn’t respond.

I think it has to do with the desperately wanting them back. Maybe, my theory is this could work on other people. Just use reverse psychology. Try desperately to keep them talking like say “Please please please keep talking to me.” Then they might go away.

Idk I might be some sort of genius or some loser kid that doesn’t know anything about anything…

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Idk I guess there’s something about a stubborn child voice that just always wants to do the exact opposite of what you want maybe some people have the same thing idk maybe it’s just because I myself am a stubborn child…

This might actually end up being really bad for some people… Yep the self fulfilling prophecy… I am the loser kid.

That is a good idea to think about. Talking to your voices and arguing with them or just thinking about them as noise. Or what noise sounds and looks like. Sleep and niacin helps me too but a combination of stuff could help.

i think you are really smart…so hold your head up high and have confidence in who you are.
take care :alien:

Thank you darksith, I think you are very wise and experienced. I like your optimism.

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I am so glad to be on this site and not feel so alone with this mean disease that controls my life.
I started taking Latuda and Lithium and didn’t think they were doing anything accept making my legs ache in a terrible way. One day I woke up…. and my girls and fairies were gone!?! I was actually pissed off and sad because I missed them. Sick right?
I am experiencing more audio hallucinations so I went up on my dosage of Latuda hoping that will help the scary voices that can be mean as hell. I try to be friends with them and agree to certain times to acknowledge them, this is so hard in public places around a lot of people. I have become such an introvert .