I found him. took twenty years to find something

@anon68148378, do yOU thInk ITs leGit to teach in the CruciForm building in UCL?

I am glad to hear that pans was alive and in Walmart 8 days ago. I hope pans finds somewhere warm to be.

Max Tegmark found that, which he calls a coincidence, the universe expanded at the same rate as a fetus at the 19:14 mark in the Youtube video:

Max Tegmark: “Our Mathematical Universe” | Talks at Google

the first universe to exist had consciousness, a lifeform and substance with no befinning and no end.

long ago he got lonely.

heads up to the second lifeform to exist, his wife of sorts, the first to attain equivalence with him.

he is building a multiuniversal home and family.

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How are you holding up @pansdisease?

@pansdisease is there a homeless shelter near you? You could also apply for emergency housing.

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