I found him. took twenty years to find something

I like your metaphysical ideas about the universes @pansdisease . Your thinking reminds me of some of the lectures I attended in university when I studied metaphysics. It would be nice if you stayed in touch with this forum. Everyone here cares for you including me and would like to see you find a safe home to live in. If you take lots of little baby steps in life towards your goal you can make it happen.

I didn’t received your email. Please confirm.

I just replied you on wordpress for your answers. Please search on.

I read your comment, but don’t think I appreciate it, being still in the mode of academic thinking. Why not consider it just because it hasn’t been proven, all theory boils down to assumption in the end.

It’s not our work/ duty. Why bother like scientists.

It’s out of rules for this forum @Om_sadasiva. Why not mods were acting.

I don’t know
Let’s shout: @ninjastar, @anon9798425,

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Not necessary to shout. I mean may be exchange of emails id. I have no problem.

I understand what you are saying, where is the evidence; Following Aristotle or even earlier Anaximander, evidence is a crucial component of science.

Thanks for drawing the matter to our attention. @Gagis it is against forum rules to try to contact members offsite.

@ninjastar, sorry I was not phishing, I was seeking confirmation of my intuition, which on second thoughts I can see might amount to the same thing. I do apologize, it is just that I am trying to stay as grounded in the real world as possible, without getting into pointless conspiracies. I guess I should just be more patient and have faith that everything will fall into place eventually. Thank you.

@Gagis, for which concept you are wanting evidence. I said clearly and not out of this thread. If you are talking about Wordpress blogs than i will reply it on there.
Now about your previous post i am agree. Evidence is a component of science. For all philosopher evidence is a requirment. But as you said" why not consider it just because it hasn’t been proven" is highly objectionable.

This is a key component of delusions, the difference between fantasy and reality, but thought comes first in the course of manifestation, what is wrong with production of new things, growth, so long as it follows the golden mean.

Indeed even a circle grows when considered as a number for pi has infinite digits. Can one choose any number to follow, or are some, like the golden mean, better than others?

Are you replying to me @Gagis. Because now you are coming to definition of delusion and it felt me like that delusions are the manifestation. This you are saying. And it causes production.
After that for pie. There is no problem for infinite number. We have to choose only that is required. I agree.

Hi @Gagis, good night. Don’t mind. Why did you apologize for. We have to make use of in anyway.
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@anon68148378 The delusion is the manifestation is a very good way of putting it. The problem is that, except with very small things, we cannot just switch off a manifestation and perceive something completely different when we are attached to it in some way. Free ourselves from attachments generally takes work. There are infinite manifestations, in some sense, every possibility exists, though we can only ever perceive a finite portion of these, such is the nature of perception. The difference between creation and choice is a subtle one and is the difference between countably infinite and uncountably infinite. I said everything exists, this is in fact a logical paradox, referring as it does to the absolute. It is thus meaningless to debate the difference between selecting what we want from life from the totality of existence and creating or manifesting what we want for life, except in the context of time and space, or perception, which as I said, is necessarily finite. Continuity demands a beginning or end or both mathematically, it is part of its definition. Statements such as from pre-eternity to eternity are valid, but they are necessarily discontinuous. Hence life and death.

@anon68148378, I feel like I’m saying too much and pressurising you to speak on my behalf :frowning: I don’t want to hijack the forum. Mentioning Fidel Castro in connection with health and aging was probably a step too far. I don’t think I could work full time, I barely managed six weeks of working full time last year without relapsing, it was supposed to be twelve. At the same time though, I want to contribute to progression of goodness as best I can, despite my condition. Tobacco tax is not really the way forward. If I am ever to start a family, I will have to move to a more productive environment, especially as I believe I am making a mess of things on here. I think starting with small goals is the best idea rather than jumping in at the deep end. Perhaps I could be a research assistant again. Thank you.

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@Gagis, first you become stable on meds. Then search for teaching jobs because you are Mfil in mathematics. I think it’s good for you.

@anon68148378, thanks, I know I’m too confused at the moment, please expand on your advice a little to enlighten me further.

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