I find peace outdoors

I start to feel hazed if I’m inside too long. I hope I’m never jailed. Being in a mental hospital is lock down bad enough to me. I hope I’m never hospitalized again. Cabin fever they call it. It makes a fool of me.

Some hospitals have activities but you may have to ask for it. In state hospital, the staff took people on long daily walks around the ground. Others could use the gym or pool.

I’m the opposite. I’m content indoors, but the psyche ward did suck, though. There were no activities, no fun. Stay in your room and sleep or go to the common area to watch cable tv. It was a nightmare.

i love trees :deciduous_tree:
birds :bird:
flowers :sunflower:
rainbows :rainbow:
i would rather sleep outside…
take care :alien:


Ive never been in a psych hospital but ive been in a alcohol/drug rehabilitation place maybe 4-5 times maybe more times and one of the things that we’d love doing is going on a supervised walk to the lake right across the street from the clinic once a week. …man that was freaking heaven.

I left the sober home one night to sleep on the beach…Then it started pouring and I went in a hut and there was a giant spider and a creepy crawler. So I ran back to the sober house…

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A hut? So you were on the islands ?

When I was young I went backpacking with my friends. I always wanted to get completely away from all signs of civilization. Sometimes we could. It’s so great to be completely out of doors. I can’t go backpacking now, though, because AP med’s mess up my body temperature regulation mechanisms.