Dont wanna go to hospital

fights and crazy people every time.

but I want to go to the hospital to escape life.

maybe an extended vacation in an institution where they bring me my meals for a couple years.

the only remaining allure of hospital. escape life for a bit

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Do you work up a good sweat when you work out lifer? Maybe the exercise your doing isn’t enough to get the endorphins going and make you feel good about life again. Saying that the hospital is a safe place and food is reasonable I drive there sometimes but I always end up feeling glad that I’m not stuck in there with voices. There’s Such a big world outside the hospital, I used to think that the voices were real and that world would never be mine but it turns out the voices were not real so anything is possible

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Free cooked meals tea and toast people to talk to hospital doesnt seem that bad but i prefer my freedom and dont like the staff judging me. Maybe go hospital for a few months take a break

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well it’s winter. I just walk/ run/ walk in the winter on my treadmill. I haven’t been lifting this winter, I usually wait til its warm to lift and take a break this time of year. exercise, when it is working, just helps release my pent up energy, so im laid back afterwords for the rest of the day. but the treadmill doesn’t really do that.

but sometimes I just want to escape. if only hospitals were safe places.

it’s all just such a struggle to do something with ones life. it would almost be a relief to be institutionalized and not have to worry about it.


Yea I didn’t feel hospitals were too safe either.
And the screaming at night. Of people there only makes me feel more unsettled

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Yeah, the food is the only good thing about a hospital. And even that is not good sometimes.
I have said before about a couple of hospitals I’ve been in that they were so nice that if I wasn’t sick, they would have been great vacation spots. But the truth of matter is that you are sick when you go in and I haven’t been in a hospital yet that I didn’t suffer inside.

My first psyche ward was kind of out in the country or at least the area wasn’t built up yet. I went jogging in the hills with a counselor, we all went to the park and played kickball. There was both a pool table and a ping-pong table, I used to sit out back in a chair overlooking a bunch of forest covered hills, we played volleyball etc. I even almost lost my virginity there. It sounds great, right? It wasn’t, I was miserable, psychotic and unhappy and walked and did all the things I listed in a psychotic haze.

And that’s what hospitals are like. You said it yourself, “crazy places to go with fights.” You could find a better way to escape life. Go somewhere nice and rent a motel or hotel room for a week. Find some motel with a pool and a rec room and do nothing for a week! Go camping, that’s even better. I guess one thing about hospitals is you have very few responsibilities. But the problem is that if you spend a couple of years in them you will fall behind the outside world and once you get out you would probably find that you are out of practice about responsibilities in the real world. I mean I understand wanting to get away for awhile but hospitals are tough.

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