I finally got my reiki master atunement this year

Got to do a hex. Hold on.

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It makes me cry when people are racist i am native American and i dye my hair blonde and people hate me for being white.

I have over 50 tattoos and have been pierced over 30 times.

Being pregnant kinda sux cuz I am in pain from my last csection and I do not have energy to practice drawing. I am adjusting to being partially blind and deaf and the seizures are actually getting better thanks to valerian root!! Woot!

I pray musically. I had to hex this man harming my friend the bald guy and this sexual preditor i live with.

Look up Louisiana voodoo.

Are u taking about usui reki…
I was intrested in REKi when i was younger…i have no any interests now …who iz ur guru or master…

Rhonda and Loush are my masters they like in the Keller area here in texas. I believe you can learn online.

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I leanrt it from gurumaa…i have finished first phase…how many phase have u finished…

Im a master three

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What about symbol and stuff…it comes afterwards first phase right…

Cho koo rei level one. For me.