Ever heard of reiki?

my partner’s little sister does reiki she learned if from her step mom. anyway she did it to me and I kind of felt calmer afterwards. it was weird then I saw pink. I asked her what pink meant she said it means unconditional love and friend ship. I think it was all in my head and I have been feeling better since starting the injection so it was just weird.


Placebo effect.


yeah I know but I didn’t want to tell her that

I know reiki …i learnt it from guru…now i am sz .it cant help with my symptoms…


Double placebo effect! C-C-C-COMBO!

You’re a nice person anyways. You’re very appreciated.


Sup arturo…how are u spending ur time… i know u are kind soul…take care…our future seems optimistick…i just came from evening walk…have a good morning arturo…

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I took a reiki class in college. I forget the hand positions, but now I just use my flat hand to channel the energy into body parts. I think the warmth from my hand does more than anything else

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I too have done two reiki sessions and the first time I actually cried out tears finally. I want to cry sometimes but I don’t, but the first time I did reiki I shed tears not necessarily sobbing or anything just squirted out tears and it felt good to be able to get that energy out of my body.

I haven’t done a session in about a year or two but maybe I should go back and get my reiki sessions going again.

My sister is into it, she had me try it once years ago. I didn’t feel anything. I guess I’m a sceptic. lol how funny is that? I’m the crazy one? lol

Reiki is great. It did wonders for me. I think it was part the reiki healer that helped. She talked to me about a lot and I thought of her as a spiritual advisor. Anyway I think she helped clear blockages and other good stuff was set into motion why sessions witu her.
I went for sessions for almost two years I think.
Shortly after she retired i went to a different reiki healer and felt somewhat energized after but also later felt extremely paranoid. I had some really really weird things happen to me the few days after too.

I went to shaman for session he did me soul retrival probably and i went more crazy . He pushed some spots in the back of my head i felt into deep hipnosis . Not reccomend doing shamanic healing

I think the reason it helped was because I was trying so hard to not let my partner’s little sister notice my symptoms

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I have had a reiki session .
A vegan lady who inspired my mum and I to become vegan did reiki on me.

I laid on a massage table bed I think or similar.
I had my clothes on and she mainly stood by my head.

She said I have a awesome Aura and told me I am approaching yin and yang balance in my life or something like that.

I have also tried aura soma and Ayur Veda which I digged.

I think it can get a bit too “snowy” for me and want a bit more easy going relaxed way with it.

I read Deepak Chopras book perfect health that I enjoyed.

Then I had periods of not trusting anyone to touch my body especially woman who I thought might do damage instead of healing and good.
They might be jealous if they feel they are not my boss which they are not and then try to do harm to me instead.

I appreciate these beautiful things but do have caution to them also as well as to some doing it.


I am not a vegan anymore but was one for eight months.

I believe I healed :rainbow::pray:t3:my boyfriends head.

It is a spiritual experience but he or we have not spoken of it but I feel that something happened and I do believe I am a bit spiritual etc .

i used to get reiki before i went wacky. it used to work great but not anymore. 1 time my reiki practicioner removed a negative thought form from me and it felt like she pulled my whole nervous system out of my body through the top of my head. It was wild. She said they attach to your nervous system. Your belief in negative things create them.

I guess that time i stopped that girl from clawing at her neck like some sort of feral beast by holding her hands down and putting my hand over where she was clawing would be reiki

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Here is a reiki asmr video that I watch. I don’t think it is real reiki though.

I told my mom about reiki and she said It was mumbo jumbo. I haven’t told my mom i’m Buddhist yet sorry to bring religion into it

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