I am feeling good these days

Tried to live in low stress environment is just good…i hope this time i will live happily. …sorry guys u always been supportive to me…thanks for reading it…take care…and always smile. …


I don’t feel good, I want to promote the status of men in society, anything a woman can do a scientist can do as well,
I hate pregnancies, I think people should be grown in a lab.
I love men, I want to deal only with men.

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Wow this is so nice to hear because last I heard from you you were having a really hard time it seemed! So glad things have improved.

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I am feeling good these days too. Very content. Sleeping really well. Minimal arthritis pain. Migraines are lessened. Good anxiety control. I am doing really good. The only thing with me is religious delusions of reference, (which I think are real).


I told u it gets better buddy