I feel so slow

Since starting these increased dose I feel so slow in everything just cant do the same amount of work at work. :unamused: Is there anything I can do to make this better …? I’m thinking to quit the antipsychotic soon.

What antipsychotic?! I thought you were just on a mood stabiliser?

Yeah I’m on ability too but I think it’s ok now to come off but I think it’s still supposed to be slow

Abilify you mean? It doesn’t slow me down too much and I’m on 20 mg.

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What dose are you on? It’ll take a while to get used to an increased dose.

I’m on 5 but always struggled to get off but I’m on tegretol now as well so hopefully should be ok.

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The tegretol was increased

Sorry I got confused. Hang in there, give it some time.

I make no sense and btw it’s :joy: tegretol making me slow.

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Ish, it is good that you’re slowing down. You were seriously manic before. You just have to trust that the meds are starting to help.


Did I really sound that manic ?

A bit, yeah. Don’t worry about it, glad you’re calming down

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Yes, incredibly manic. How are you feeling now?

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Not anything to be embarrassed about though. I’ve done it too. So have most of us.

Oh wow :flushed: I had no idea it actually manifested in my actions and thoughts that much. TBH guys I am better. But I just feel incredibly slow at work. Before I used to do A LOT more. Now it’s difficult to keep up

I’m not gonna go through my previous post. :joy: But I’m going to a bipolar support group today. Second time.

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Sorry you’re feeling so slow. Hopefully it will all even out soon enough.

I do think it may have been a slight mania that all these months was helping me be so productive able to do two peoples jobs.

That is possible. I can always do much more when I’m manic, up to a point. Then I just turn into a train wreck.