I feel so guilty

hi. i feel so guilty that i couldn’t do better for so long and my family suffered from my illness.

before my dad died i was still so sick and when my mom died just last year she saw i was much better but not completely.

this bothers me. i want to show them i’m o.k. i want them to enjoy with me and for me.

this hurts.



We all do what we can with what we have. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re working at the pace you need to to get there.


you should try to give it a place and stop feeling guilty… it is not helping you to feel guilty…

and your family prob understands better than you think and they will not blame you for it.

It’s not your fault you got sick. It’s nobody’s fault.

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Keep trying Judy!

Try and stay better for yourself; forgive yourself.

Its okay man, like everyone says its not your fault at all remeber that, your family understands and loves you

i love you guys. you really make me feel good.

things are turning up roses for me finally. no social life to speak of yet however i actually feel pretty nutty but not “nuts” if you’ll excuse the expression!!

hugs to y’all, judy

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