I feel restless

Sometimes I feel restless, I don’t know why.
This makes me feel really uncomfortable.
It last for hours.

Does anyone else here have the same problem?

Yeap. Tea usually helps

Really, why does tea help?

I dont know, I usually drink relaxing ones like rooibos. Maybe its the hot water

I see, maybe I’ll try some

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Hope you’re feeling better @bananatto

I used to feel restless on Abilify. Couldn’t concentrate at all.

Yeah me too. So glad I quit that med.

@bananatto I find that greek yogurt helps me. We have a drink made out of it, it cools me down. It’s called Airan. Add 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt, a pinch of salt in a glass of water and drink it.

Restlessness can be an unwanted side effect of antipsychotic medications. And most doctors will prescribe yet another medication, like benztropine, to combat it. But then benztropine has side effects as well.

I’ve had great success with valerian root (an herbal supplement that comes in capsule form). It soothes the central nervous system and provides relaxation.

I started using it for insomnia, because it helps you sleep really well, and discovered it had great calming effects when taken at lower dosages.

I hope you find some relief.

Be Well,


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How are the dreams?

My body can sleep… but the mind races… and I have ended up with restless dreams and I’m sleep walking again.

I usually don’t remember my dreams. It has to be something extraordinary for me to be able to recall it the next morning. But I’ve been having issues with sleep behaviors too lately. Like sleep eating. And sleep smoking (super dangerous, and has killed two comforters already!).

What medications are you currently on?

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I’m on a Seroquel / Latuda combo…

I recently got put on Depakote for my “Mood element” (I was having some wild manic euphoric spikes with a slide into negative flatness)

for the blood sugar… metformin.

Two months ago… got completely taken off the Xanax… (which I had a feeling added to sleep agitation. but I was happy to give up a med)

I’m also on Latuda and Seroquel. My doctor says that Seroquel can cause sleep disturbances, like broken sleep, bizarre dreams, and complex sleep behaviors (sleepwalking). For me, though, the benefits of the combo outweigh the risks.

I’m so glad that you were able to cut out a medication entirely. My motto is: always be thankful for ANY amount of progress–no matter how seemingly small.



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Yeahh valerian root works with me too

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Same here… there are ways to cope with the sleep walking… and I’ve learned not to get too upset by waking up in a different room…

the odd vivid dreams are sort of unsettling and stay with me a bit after I wake up…

It’s been suggested I try to used some of my morning time for a bit of meditation before I jump into the day…

I do like the idea of the valerian root… that’s another idea I’ll try.

I think that morning meditation is a necessity lol. Not just to drink some coffee and lounge around. But to process the night and the new day. And you can take valerian (1 capsule) any time during the day, without sedation.

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:blush: that’s how I’ve been spending the time before work… morning coffee… long breakfast… slowly get ready for work…

My sis and my gf has been trying for morning stretch… mediate… and then coffee breakfast and meds.

Go for it! Stretching meditation is remarkable in that it calms the mind, but energizes the body. I find it blissful.

Is your girlfriend living with you now?

Nope… not yet… she still lives next door… my best friend is moving in with her… they get along great and he needs some time to reassess and simplify.

his bf moved out and away… it really knocked the wind out of his life. I hope living with us (between two apartments) will help.

I still have my sis living with me… she just turned 19 and is one more hoop closer to the nursing program she wants to get into.

Some times I feel like I’m making life more complicated then it needs to be… other times… with what’s going on… It makes sense… (to me anyway)

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I feel tired for sure, the majority of the day.