Still very restless and not sleeping good

Hi again,

Why am I so restless. My cousin called earlier and said I’m like bouncing off the walls, meaning I’m very restless, hyper. I’ve always been like that though, but he commented earlier on me hopping around and said he was worn out from just looking at the way I was restless. He made a comment I will not post here and I didn’t like it one bit.

He drops by now and then. I didn’t tell him I’m seeing a psychiatrist or that I’m on medication. I’ve always been like that so I don’t know why he commented this time so much. He did say similar things in the past, but not like today in front of my daughter.

I mean he has no cop on talking like that. I’ve always been that way so it’s none of his business anyway.

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Could be a side effect of the abilify.

I think I need something to help me sleep. I don’t know what to make of me at all. I’m like a Duracell Bunny. Hyper beyond Hyper. Very restless.

I doubt it. I’ve always been this way. That’s nothing new. Especially as the day goes on. I’m very hyper always and restless. It’s part of me, but I can’t help that if people notice. Even as a child I was hyped up, couldn’t sit still a family member once told me.

I don’t know why I’m like this. Hopefully the Abilify will relax me, or maybe my psychiatrist can let me take it later in the day.

Then I don’t understand the point if this post.

The comment my cousin made I mean was stupid in front of my daughter. I’m wondering if I should ask my psychiatrist if Abilify is the right medication for this kind of hyper/Restlessness.

Maybe he can give me something to sleep or if I can take the abilify in the afternoon or something

If you’re taking it in the morning and you’re hyper enough you can’t sleep at night to the point if needing a sleep aid, why the hell would you want to take it later in the day? That makes no sense.

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I don’t know! Because if I take it later in the day would it help me sleep better?

That makes absolutely no sense.

I know nothing makes sense with me that’s the problem. I don’t know why I’m the way I am

No one knows why I am the way I am. My psychiatrist with his hypochondria etc…, I don’t think that’s s why I’m like this all my life

Hyper and restless and agitate. Yes it got way worse in 2014, my symptoms I mean. Drunkenness feeling and all that so it’s all weird the whole lot of it.

I am probably a mystery and conundrum. That’s what my GP once said to me in 2015. It’s like there is nothing making sense.

That’s great! Do I have psychosis I’ve no clue. Nothing is making sense.

Don’t know what happened there with my last post. Sorry. I thought I was replying to someone else. A message popped up. It’s probably on my other topic. Just ignore my last post. Thanks