I feel restless

I think that’s where you will really benefit from meditation: making it a practice of assessing your current state of wellness (mental, spiritual, physical). When you honestly assess how you FEEL in this situation, your happiness–or lack thereof–is a great indicator of whether or not you need to simplify your life.


Thank you for that… it’s amazing how your advice always seems to have perfect timing.

I have been feeling a bit disconnected… the train is still on track… and not running away… but I don’t really feel like I’m at the controls…

It is time for something grounding…

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Listening to you and @radmedtech converse really just makes me feel good. You’re both inspirational to me. You are both very mindful and peaceful people. I’m more on the crazy ass side, regardless of whether I function or not. I actually envy you two- you are both cool. I am headstrong and angry, that is how I cope. It’s not always fun and often times not even healthy. Today starts my no-weights program. I’m feeling confident and excited to change, more specifically revert to an old lifestyle.


Don’t sell yourself short, @mortimermouse. You were an inspiration to me last year, when I first started my recovery. And I envy your assertiveness still. I am confident that you, too, will find that place of peace in your life!

Be Well,



Thank you for that… very kind…


You’ve come a long way from the 19 to 20 year old who started posting… and the 22 year old man you are now…

I’m 30 now…I was NOT cool and calm when I was 22… or 23… or 24…

Your in school with goals… and starting to achieve them… as you get closer… and of course as you get older… the need for all that anger will fade away.

I know you’ll do well…