I feel no hope anymore

I know speedy.
I experience same psychotic routine.
Even voices get predictable at some point

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Taking small steps towards improving your health I think is the way. There’s no one silver bullet like taking 100 vitamin c pills or going vegan that’s going to cure your sz. Thats onle one aspect of health.

Each practice or habit is 5% of the problem solved. Exercise can make you 5% healthier. Eating vegetables and getting rid of junk food can make you 5% better. A therapist can help you feel 5% better. Drinking enough water can make you feel 5% better. Etc etc. 20 nickels gets you a dollar.


I just want to say post that I also was told by some one that that’s the road towards recovery from negative symptoms and cognitive impairment.


Happy Cake Day @Kxev !
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How old are you @Speedy?

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I’m 40! I’ll be 41 in February.


may the hope feed you with light

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hope is just a hope you choose to have it or not, its better to have hope

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Your age people are now watching their kids grow up and leave the nest. So, they are having to adjust. Why don’t you adjust with them and reach out for a new interest.

Nutrition and supplements help a lot.

Love heals . Love yourself of whatever you are and be great full to your life . Then you will start healing little by little

I feel stuck too. I often wonder “Is this as good as it gets?” Reminds me of that movie with a similar title. Now I have a chance to try another treatment, but I’m terrified.

My feelings go out to you

But as there are forces which enact against our body, so too are there forces which enact against our brain.

Everyone with a brain has to deal with it. Most people put it ‘behind them’ and deal with it as a subconscious.

But everyone does.

Welcome to having a brain. Dont worry dude.

big hug

Speedy I had voices for decades but they are now notexistent because I quit the bad habit to drink alcohol many years ago. I’ve never used anything stronger than whiskey.