What do u have?

I have my mother. I have a part time job. I have a few friends. All of them means a lot to me.


It’s good that you are looking at the bright side of your life, goggle. I have a caring husband, two compassionate sisters, a lovable son, a casual job.


I often feel in great loss. My friend told me to focus on what i have. Those are the best things i have.

I guess you might no longer be slim but are still good looking. Besides your English is excellent. So you forgot to count your language skill and good appearance when you were listing what you have now.

I have nothing because too many suckers out there taking meds and i am dying from them. I had a life and kids and I had encephalitis. i have 1000s of horrible side effects like edema, loud tinnitus, tachycardi and tons more bed ridden, in pian, you are being suckered

I think you as a parent you have to show a good example who is able to cope with his/her illness including side effects with great composure, patience and wisdom, rather than talking about nonsense.

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I begin to loose weight by means of exercising. It’s the first time after I’m on med. Today i walked up the hill with my mom. It’s difficult to walk past the steep slope. I wish i can get off some pounds in 2016. My writing skills are good. I wish i know how to put it into use.

I have one best friend and a friend who lives In Germany besides my family and a few friends I have no one.

i hope you feel better soon :heart:
take care :alien:

I have a good family… a job I like… and some friends who are on my side.

It took some times for find contentment. I keep working on it


One good friend. Two people I chat with online. My family that I live with. A girl I flirt with at Burger King. And disability benefits.

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My parents are dead, but I have a supportive brother and supportive sister. I live in an apartment instead of the group home where most of the people in our assisted living center live. I have this computer. I have all the food I want to eat. And for the most part I am warm and dry.


I have my sisters, my friends and my girlfriend.

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i too have full time job,supportive parents… :heart_eyes:

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I have my mom (my real dad not so much) my step dad, My brothers, nephews and niece, all supportive. I have my girlfriend. I have my friends although I never see them they are supportive of me on facebook and phone calls. I have my dogs. I have my banjo and guitar. I have my music I listen to. I have my paintings. I have my ability to cook well. I guess I should love my life with all that but I don’t really see the point of living right now. I am not suicidal, just pointless really.


I have knock off soda, reason magazines, KEXP radio station, books and free ebooks, and a few friends.

Hmm banned. It was simple humor

I have my independence, a place to live, Husband, family, 9 cats, sense of humor-even if a bit-? different?..
a jar of pennies, 5 comfy chairs, a box of tape, shoes in my closet…a baby sock monkey…

A job. My family. Money. Food. Shelter.

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