Having company over…

Anyone else have a lot of trouble when people come to visit. Doesn’t matter if it’s family or not. I always end up retreating to my room. My brother has 3 boys under 12. My sister has two boys under 12. It gets very overwhelming with all the noise and trying to keep up with conversation.

They are all here today. I was doing pretty good up till I walked outside and my family was talking about me. I felt really uncomfortable and started to get my pre-paranoia feeling. It’s frustrating cause I love my family (although my sister complains about her life a lot, and she has a pretty good life. I always just wanna say, at least you don’t have schizophrenia…but I bite my tongue). I guess it’s just part of the disease to withdraw when there is a lot going on.


It is ok, it is not your fault.

I do the same thing.

It sucks! We used to laugh and stay up till the early AM talking and hanging out. Now I can handle like an hour of people.

It is ok…if you have negative symptoms, you are supposed to.

I’m the same way. My sister and nephew just visited from Arizona, and I never get to see them. But it was a struggle to be around them for too long. I need solitude at some point, otherwise I get very irritable and agitated

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It happens to me too.

I definitely have negative symptoms. They suck. But could be worse

Do you have a therapist who can help you learn coping skills that help you get through it? Or, at least able to last longer at it?

I have a therapist. He really isn’t the greatest therapist though. I just take breaks and go out when I feel comfortable.

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I lived with my parents from age 24 to age 32.

I would sometimes rise to the occasion when we had company, but it would exhaust me.

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Yeah. I’ve been at home for 2 years now. I don’t see moving out as an option honestly. I don’t have enough money. I’m trying to sell art or music or something but it’s not really taking off

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