I feel like I'm made of porcelain

I feel like I’m going to break.
I don’t know who to talk about this.
This isn’t to stresfull for calling my therapist
Just writing this makes me feel better


I’m sorry you are dealing with this…I had an inpatient roommate who thought or saw or experienced reality as bubble wrap…it was strange and scary…

I saw reality as a hologram, unreal, and an illusion. I thought I didn’t exist. I thought I was a brain in a vat…

Ive fantasized about brain in a vat but it doesn’t pass the practality test

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I do feel this, but in a different way.
As many of you know, I have Muscular Dystrophy, so I do feel like I’m made out of porcelain, or shriveled flower…you know what I mean.
It’s hard. So I hear you.

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