I feel like I'm garbage

Not a person at all. Incapable of understanding I’m a life.

I feel the same way sometimes. Especially the first and the second time of my episode. I feel into depression and felt like a burden to my family, also i keež thinking that i will never feel like a normal person, unaffected by medication

You’re not garbage
… I am sorry you’re feeling like this…

You are cared for


Sorry you’re feeling crappy @chordy.

I think you’re a well respected member of the forum.

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Thank you , @NoirLuna and @Gamera I’m having a kind of identity crisis. I’m treated so well here that I don’t know how to handle it.


I understand how you feel… cus I feel that sometimes… like I’m too flawed to be really liked or like I don’t deserve to be liked… but it is skewed thinking and we do deserve to be happy…

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I want people to like me.

I feel like a parasite to society, my brothers call me that.

I feel like a zombie

Being a German American born during WW2 didn’t help my self esteem any. It’s one of my many complexes. Also, being small is. I’m starting to get over blaming it on being a girl.

Not all zombies are bad, hey.

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