I feel like I'm going to die tonight

I’m so tired, my heart is heavy. I am fearful. I feel like I am falling asleep and won’t wake up, and that’s kind of OK, but I’m not exactly glad about it either.

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I feel similar. You’ll feel better in the morning. Set some short term goals that aren’t stressful

I’m sorry. I don’t have advice other than you will be ok and come out of this :slight_smile:

Did you recently have a medication change? Or possibly a med error?

I feel like that sometimes, and it’s usually psychosomatic, but it sometimes isn’t. If your body is behaving wildly differently than usual, it might be a good idea to see a doctor.


Sorry you are feeling this way. I get that way with my anxiety, sometimes, but if it never lasts and I find rest helps. I hope your’s passes quickly.

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It might be anxiety attack…talk to ur doc … he iz there to help u …!!!

I get this all the time now. I somehow have small hope that lets me pass.

So sorry - do you need to go into ER?