Afraid of falling asleep

I am afraid of falling asleep. If I don’t fall asleep at once, within 30 minutes, when I go to bed I get panic attacks. Pdoc asked if I was afraid I wouldn’t fall asleep. But I think it’s the other way around.

Anyone else who is afraid of dying in your sleep?

I almost fell asleep this afternoon. But instead of sleeping my heart started to race.

I had that, I came to terms with it. "If I die, then I die, I had a good life so far."
A few nights ago I was feeling my heart racing and thought “This is it” and then I was so idle, I didn’t care about feeling like that anymore and it passed.

I don’t know how, but it just passed.

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I DO fear not falling asleep. I have had insomnia since the 1960’s. I take my medication at night and I usually manage to sleep about four hours. I wouldn’t mind dying in my sleep. I don’t fear it.