I feel like im going to die tonight

I dont want to die, but i think something is freaking me out here.

I need to stay connected to the electricity !!


What kind of death are you expecting?

My body is going to sieze up !!

I can feel it in my skin.

So weird !!

I really dont want to die though

Talk to me bro 15

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Im tweaking man. I cant stop looking at my cellphone to see if i got reception. I feel that the MTN the cellphone company coulld be after me !!

Are you having EPS of any kind? I think you should consider going to the hospital man, or at least contact your pdoc

I dont know what EPS is man. But i need some benzos or something !!

Bro take care 1515

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It’s sunday so your options might be limited. Can you go to a hospital ?

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Take some deep breaths and sleep on it. We all have our moments. You’re not going to die @anon39015889 .


Maybe its just panic attacks. I just feel so nauseas and shitty. Ill ride it out though…

@DNA Yea thanks for the reassurence man.


@ninjastar told me to put an ice pack on the back of my head. For me it got my thinking more centered and calmed emotions


Cool ill try that. Thanks


Anytime mate. 15151

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Oh and also stare at the corner of a table. Get your eyes focused on one thing. She told me that too

I’d go for a small walk if I were you… If possible and not to dangerous. Take deep breaths man. You’ll be okay.

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It sux though. I dont know why im feeling like this. I was doing so well this entire year!!!

I’ve been doing ok lately… But in the wink of an eye, I can feel like crap. You can ride it out like you have said. That’s sz for you. You never know with this illness. If you don’t have a benzo for days like this, you should talk to your dr about it. Stay strong Wallafish.

MTN is not on to you. Don’t worry about stuff like that. I also had paranoia about my service provider a while back but it is fairly under control now.

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Thanks man. Ill ride it out yea…

Hows the weather up your way !

Was supposed to rain in CT today but was just hell of a windy.


We had one of the nicest days today. A lovely 28° Celsius. I went fishing in the river at Kleinbrak. There were lots of people but no luck in catching anything.