I feel like I dont fit in anywhere why is this?

Just been feeling like I dont really fit in anywhere including this forum. Its incredibly hard for me to make friends and I feel like I’m not really good enough/dont have a personality. Could I be because I’m dumb. anyone else feel the same?


A lot of people on the forum struggle with this feeling.

I think it’s the illness making us insecure about our lot in life.

You’re liked here.

I enjoy your posts.

And you’re not dumb.


Yes, it’s a common feeling. You’re certainly not dumb though, I’m not sure why you’d say that!

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I think you have low self esteem or whatever theyre calling it nowadays. Youre probably smarter, more attractive and have a better personality than you give yourself credit for. Some people say positive affirmations help them, maybe you could try that. If youre looking down on yourself constantly youre going to be expressing that negativity in everything you do.

As for not fitting in here there are users who have formed more relationships with others on the forum and they get more responses from those people and seem more popular.

I have a hard time here as well. Too high functioning, not miserable enough, not broke enough, keep getting told I shouldn’t aspire to things that neurotypicals can because it’s somehow offensive. This is a horrible place for support for those with high-functioning SZ.


I don’t hold it against you because you are doing better than most. Anyone who does is probably jealous, frankly.

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I have a hard time making friends in real life. I have two solid one’s now and honestly I would rather have two good friends than a hundred shitty one’s.



Not trying to be patronizing but I honestly look up to you. You have SQFM and you can hold down a job. I think that is awesome and if people want to be jealous then to heck with them.

I don’t think I’m better because I’m doing better. I’m someone who was told NOT to try because I couldn’t do better. If I could then others can, too. I want to see more people with SZ finding their own limits instead of taking someone else’s word for what they are. I bet there are more people like me who can also beat the odds.


For what it’s worth, your presence as a recovery oriented poster is a boon to myself and others too I’m sure.

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I think Goldenrex hit the nail on the head with her post. Many people deal with that feeling here. Goodness knows I feel I don’t know where I belong. I’m the black sheep of my family.

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When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, young and social I cared about fitting in, I partied and socialized a lot, good times. Now that I am older I could care less about fitting in. I don’t have any friends in real life, just my immediate family. It’s been like that for over a decade and I am fine with it. I have no social obligations and can just live my life the way I want without any social pressures. I spend a lot of time in solitude and I have become fine with that. I can be social when I have to but I don’t seek it out anymore.

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I feel like a loner on here although I still make effort to talk to people from time to time.

I have anxiety even on this forum. How ■■■■■■■ depressing.

I am sorry you feel you don’t fit in.

I don’t have much advice really, I just know the feeling.

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When I struggle with anxiety, I feel my personality nearly completely disappears or changes.

I do think you’re a great poster though, @flowerfairy

This place is basically my social media. It’s probably not what I should use it for, I mean I don’t have any pressing delusions I need talking out of. Things are usually calm but I’ve been flamed for eating meat (I’m like what?) and for not actually having schizophrenia (we’re not all raving lunatics all the time). I’m surprised more people don’t call me lazy since I’m not working.

My initial purpose here was to investigate alternate explanations for the hallucinations in the unusual beliefs section but then I got on the right meds and stopped trying to validate my delusions. Now I just say hi every so often in Say Anything or a few threads here and there. I don’t feel like super accepted but I don’t feel rejected either, which is pretty much how life has always treated me.

The amount of time others have been active on the forum can be intimidating to a newcomer.

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I never fit in. Even as a child. It’s been paining me lately but I should be used to it by now. I still went out to eat tonight with my sister and had a good time and the teenagers behind the counter were friendly. Ups and downs, ups and downs.

You are good enough! Everyone is. There’s no one in the world like you!

For what its worth I think you’re awesome. Ive been inspired by members such as you and @77nick77 that staying clean and having a decent life is possible. I just graduated with my associates and I have an interview for a job I’m super excited for on Monday. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t get inspired by the members such as yourself and feel like it is still possible to have a good life even though I’ve been told many times that I’ll probably have to settle.

I’m sorry that you get so much heat for your successes, and I’m sorry for not saying something more when someone gives you crap for all the good in your life. You’re a valuable member here, and I honestly think it’s healthy for us to see people who have made a good life after the hardship this illness brings.


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