I feel like i cant do a lot of things

i am unsecure about myself. i cant do a lot of things,i dont even know who the others are functioning… i am real low functioning, this will ever change?

I found that time was a bit of a healer. I stopped putting expectations on myself and let things run their course. The meds eventually helped to the point where I was able to help myself more - by that I mean with the help of meds I have been able to talk to people more in "normie " situations.

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I’ve got a strong grasp on metaphysics, quantum physics, epistemology and can work in most 3D animation software but I am piss poor at swinging hammers and fixing toilets.

As Jimbob said, be patient with yourself and you’ll eventually stumble upon that which you’re best at. As for who or what others are around us. Don’t worry about them but don’t allow them to dictate to you either.


yes,often in my head there are racing thoughts du genre ‘‘youll never be like the others,youll never be sane etc etc’’… i feel quite crazy though…

I used to be like that and still am every now and then.

But you can do stuff Anna. Maybe lower your expectations? I can’t do some stuff anymore. I wanted to be a mathematician but now I’ll probably settle for retail. Don’t get depressed over it. Hope you feel better.

my doc told me to think about positive things. it seasy to say,i am even frustrated to hear this. the guilt is lying on me again…i dont know for what i take meds if i can help myself…

Anna - ‘Sane’ in this existence isn’t entirely merit-able.
Most people who appear to be sane are two-dimensional and only worried about their heavens; never taking notice of the hells they allow to continue on for others.

I wouldn’t allow yourself to feel insignificant because you can’t easily fit in with some aloof and mechanical ‘Brady Bunch’ template. Granted ignorance is bliss…but it is far from helpful or admirable.