I'm as good as I'm going to get. Now what?

I’ve been stable for some time. Unless a new wonder med changes things, the way I am is as good as it gets.

I consider myself low functioning. But as I said, stable.

There’s a line from a song that goes something like “You don’t know what it is, but there’s got to be more”, and that’s the position I’m in I think.

why do you consider yourself low functioning ? you seem like a very smart person to me we are our own worst critics


Pick something you want to do and just get started :slight_smile:


A lot of people are like trees, always reaching out or branching out in new directions.

I don’t know if I’m a tree. Maybe you feel like you might be?

Why is it you think you are low functioning? I think you’re an admirable person and I always appreciate your input.


You’re not that low functioning, and you’re very wise and kind. I’m sure if you get bored you can try volunteering for example.


I don’t know what your everyday life is like @everhopeful but you don’t seem to be low functioning to me.

I never settle for as good as done. I take my victories as credentials to fight harder fights.

That is the right path for me, but your right life is for you to decide. There is no one way of life with this illness, just like how every person at the bar has their drink, every patient has their cocktail of treatment, unique for most, or at least not just friggin bud light for everyone or friggin haldol for everyone.

same goes with lifestyle. I enjoy activities which some consider torture yet they are good for my health. The opposite goes for other things, like football (I HATE SPORTS) and I hate bud light but I dont hate you if you love watching sports while drinking bud light. People should respect that some people, good people, do not hate others for doing things they themselves hate. Sort of like if you said that no occupation is best for you, I would hate to retire but that means jack crap to you.

You do you, and figuring yourself out is the hardest and most laughable thing I have ever heard of. No one has themselves figured out, not completely, or at least not for long. But some things are permanent. The illness is permanent, my degree is permanent, my tattoos are permanent, my right to live is permanent. Any good scientist would say that once you have it figured out, have at least two other people as capable as you are confirm that you have it figured out, and then be open to change.


everhopeful, be like your name says – full of hope always. stable for a long time in and of itself is upward going.


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You ought to know how you are functioning. The illness rises and falls. It will be constant. Sometimes you function well. Sometimes you don’t function so well. Low functioning people can’t relate to other people so well. You seem to be doing a good job of it here on this site. Maybe in a down moment you call yourself low functioning. This looks like self stigmatization.