I feel like cutting so bad

I can’t handle things…it’s so hard…feel like cutting so bad! :sob: I put ice against my arm till it bit into me with cold. Felt good…I need pain…I’m in pain so I need pain…my body packing up…probably going to die early in life… scared…maybe relieved…life is too much…

Can you speak with someone?
Don’t cut yourself @Hadeda you will regret it later.

Call a crisis line if you have to.

Take care of yourself.


Please talk with a family member or friend if you can. What we can do here is limited


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can you try to transmute the feeling with music or an exercise?

Cutting only provides a very short relief. Don’t bother because the pain will come right back. Talk to someone. You can call a crisis line if you have no one to help you cope with your pain. If you must feel pain, put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it as needed


I wish I could help… Hope things get better for you Earthchild you seem like a wonderful person


Do you really want “sharp.” I think you are playing doctor with yourself. Don’t do that.

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I hope you will tell your husband and dr and a helpline.

Don’t cut.

We love seeing you around.:two_hearts:

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