I couldn't help it but

I cut a bit just now. In the dark it’s midnight in the kitchen. Feel dead and just wanted to feel real. Now the sting makes me FEEL again. It’s such a relief… I think I’m really real after all. …

I’m sorry you’re cutting. Is there anything that helps you not to cut?


I’m sorry you cut, I feel really bad for you. I wish there was another way you could soothe yourself other than self mutilation. It must feel bad to feel so empty.

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The only thing that will help me not to, is to feel real and alive.

Or if I cut because of the opposite reason - mental agony channelled out - the only thing that will help is a hug from my husband

But this time it was because I was so fake.

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I’m sorry you feel this way… I understand that feeling…I used to cut. I hope you will be able to find relief in some other way. Please don’t hurt yourself anymore. Try to talk with someone.

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I used to cut too. But one day, I realized the marks on my body made it look like I was attention seeking and it motivated me enough to quit. I do understand the release though.

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I know cutting is not the best way, and I want to try find other ways to reduce it. If I cut because of feeling stormy and in agony, it’s a momentary thing and I can put ice against my arm, and it will help because the storm passes quickly.

But if it’s because I feel dead, like last night, then it’s harder, because I want the pain to be prolonged. With cutting/scratching I feel the sting for longer than if I had to use ice.

But if I find another way then I will try it… yes I plan to talk to a therapist soon.

It’s not that I want to seek attention - the scars are very faint so when scratches heal they become invisible. I hide my cuts from others.

But yes I know I must speak to someone.

Thanks @Leaf @ZmaGal and @LunaNoir for your replies. I appreciate it!


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This makes me sad that you are cutting, Sady.

You’re a beautiful person just the way you are. You have nothing to prove.

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I want to cut too but my mom hates it. I ■■■■■■■ hate myself.

I know how you feel @laetitia - both your desire to cut and your hatred of yourself. But although I cut, I would not encourage anyone else to. Is there not someone like a therapist you could talk to? I myself want to go to one once I get under state sector mental health care

Sorry that you feel so bad. I wish I could say something that would take that pain away but I cannot. Although I can give you a virtual hug. The pain will pass.

(( hugs ))


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I have no one to talk to. I’m stressed out because of too much studying. I feel like I’m dying inside.
I want to die today.

Try putting a rubber band on your wrist. When you need pain, start snapping the rubber band on your wrist. It’ll sting but won’t leave a scar.

I suggest buying a bracelet with beads or charms, so when you are tempted to cut, play with the beads and the charms and move the bracelet around on your wrists.

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When I was younger I would listen to heavy metal or screamo when the feelings came that I couldn’t explain…

I also wrote a lot about how I felt in poems. Little things…

I meditate now and do deep breathing exercises… it really helps… maybe you could try that. Do mindfulness exercises…affirmations… anything that will help you focus on more positive things… the storms will come less or milder after awhile.

I did this when I first decided to stop. 9 years ago

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