I feel like an ugly duckling

A single guy from church who I flirted with is coming by my place next week. He’s pretty cute, and so far I like him. I don’t understand what he sees in me. I wouldn’t mind a romantic involvement, but I will always take a good friend too. I’m 62 and there aren’t too many available men my age.

As far as I know, he’s normal mental health wise. I don’t know what he’ll think about my Sz. The guy I dated last winter went to my psych clinic.

I know. Everytime I get a date I’m a nervous wreck.

There’s something in today’s mail from my old apartment building. Maybe my security deposit?

I feel ugly too. I wish I was better looking, but that’s life I guess.

I hope your date ends well. Don’t tell him about your Sz yet. Get to know him first.

Good luck!

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Thanks speedy. My case manager just said just enjoy getting to know each other. I tried to order some decent food for him to eat, but I don’t really know what he likes.

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