I feel like an observer of myself

Normies seem to be unaware of themselves to a degree I think. It’s one thing to be aware but another to be aware of being aware like I experience.

It’s difficult to explain.

It’s like mindfulness taken to an extreme. I hope it’s something I can work on maybe. Or maybe I’m just stuck with it.


I become over aware of myself too.
I think it’s because of my disorder.
I’m fragile.


I’m on this whole other level of awareness with myself. I’m constantly in my head and analyzing things. I think being sza, i have adjusted to the constant weirdness by always being alert to it and evaluating what’s going on in my head…if that makes any sense.


I’ll go out in public i.e. I met my stepmom’s brother in law. I started having thoughts like “oh he’s cute.” Totally just intrusive thoughts. I mean he’s married. So I get super uncomfortable and can’t look him in the eye
So it’s completely awkward until I can get out of there


Yeah i get thoughts like that. It can be hard to deal with.

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I think this is amazing!!

I am totally aware of myself. Like I reflect a lot, on my decisions and things I want. On my life etc.

I wasn’t like this before my illness. I think it’s a really good thing to observe yourself.


Due to running commentary on my actions and thoughts I am super mindful.


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