I feel humiliated by the voices (deep psychological pain )

i feel humilated

they (voices) always say to we are going to kill you , your mother , even people

you are muslim you love dying

when i see egyptian celebrity …i feel as if he is going to die

then he got ill

all of this aside from people i see them dying

i feel as if all people dying

you know average life expectany here in EGYPT is low

so i feel if people is dying every minute

all of this when accompanied with voices

i feel humilated

i was about to suicide to die today becoz i feel some stupidity agency killing us carelessly

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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Sorry to hear you’re struggling so much @saynow . Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now

Are you feeling better now? You talking about self-harm is a little concerning


thank you
i really was tired from voices today
i must bear them and their harassments
even if their talk seem real and my brain beleive them
i must not believe even if my brain believed and got anxious and feel humilated
i must bear their harassments and not believe
how ? idk


I hope you will be okay.

I don’t want you to end your life.

I know the struggle is real though.

Maybe you need a change of medication or up your dose?


yeah, i need to do what is right :slight_smile:

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You’ve got the right idea, you can’t give up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks, when it gets too much for me I crawl into bed for an hour, or listen to my favourite music. I’m sure you know all this stuff, so I won’t go on about it

I’m just glad you’re okay


I feel much love for you. I believe in you. It will get better. And it’s hard to hear voices. But people like us are far stronger than the rest. We fight deep wars and win.


try not to let them humiliate you, you are better then they say you, try not to let them make you feel bad, try doing things that make you happy you have the right to be happy


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