Jesse's voices

They tell me iam the only one that I smoked and went to tourture forever they say it’s the most pain ever given


They say my mom isn’t real and now it’s not true but they keep pushing it

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When I hear voices, they’re often trying to convince me of something that’s not true. My mom will say that I should be able to ignore it because I know they’re lying, but knowing that my voices are lying doesn’t necessarily make them feel any less genuine. And they’ll wear you down. Day in and day out, yipping and yapping on about whatever unlikely or impossible thing…

I don’t think I have an answer other than stay on your meds and confide in those who care for you. You’ll get through this.


I’m sorry @Jesse25
I have no advice really just wanna say I know how traumatising this is.

Unless it triggers u, I found having faith helps

And making the most of life

So that I have nothing to feel guilty about


Are these voices you are familiar with, because many people like you, are having similar beliefs…

Its not what I know from my life in Europe, here we like to be in control over what we say and do…But hey thats europe not america or mexico

This morning strait away your going to hell had a dream drowning I biting bugs

They keep saying iam the last one the only one there was a new song by ludichrist that was called the one all cuz I smoked ciggs

Telling me that iam gonna get eaten by doggs tourted for week really fast then my final resting place is a place of rape and suffocation

They tell me iam not wrong

They keep giving me thoughts that iam not gonna get tortured saying see we give false hope and if we where demons why would we help you feel better?

I dont want to get get tourted just for ciggs it sucks

They tell me iam going to hell and there’s nothing I could do

They just told me to kill my self they keep playing music in my head and said they made it up

They wont leave me they keep saying that there gods

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I hope your voices stop harassing you man.

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a liar who saying he is taking meds. what meds are u on ? what dose? i honestly do not believe you are taking meds, i think there is drug for u and pdoc surely tried on u to find sth that works if you really on meds

Iam taking meds 15 mg of saphris and clonidine with atavan as needed

i just google clonidine and found this .

Common side effect include dry mouth, dizziness, headaches, and sleepiness.[[7]]Severe side effects may include [seeing or hearing things that other people do not .

u shd talk with ur pdoc about it. i am sorry

My syc doctor prescribed it to me for stress

Voices say iam going to get tortured and iam the only one