I feel good today

Lately I’ve been feeling good mentally (today and yesterday)

My foot gave me a little greef yesterday and today but I’ve been pushing through

I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday and bed linen today! So we got freshly washed fitted sheet, blankets, and pillow cases!

My mom, husband, and myself all went clothes shopping today! (I also drove for most of the day)

I also wore one of my favorite outfits today (with fanny pack because I had no pockets… Might wear one more often with my dresses)

I also brushed my teeth yesterday evening and plan to brush them again tonight before bed


I just got done cleaning our room too!

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Good for you. I hope the good feeling lasts for you.

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@77nick77 thanks, it’s day 4 taking my anxiety meds twice a day instead of 3 times!

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