I feel excited now

i hope you feel some excitement too about the new calendar starting for the academic year.

I am seeing some positive and learning to appreciate some goodness in my life instead of the dark dismal picture of all my problems (exclusively problems…)

I hope others here feel good too.

hugs, judy


Fall always feels more a like a new year then January 1.

Plans are made in fall…
Things get put to bed
Things get harvested
Starting off the new year with a chance to halt the fast pace and reflect
It makes sense.

I love Fall and I always feel rejuvenated when it comes… it’s a great rest after a hectic summer.


so glad to have you join me in joy of the season, surprisedJ.

you make me even more excited about my Jewish holidays coming up really really soon.



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I forgot that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are during this month.

Wishing you the best and hope you have a very peaceful season.


I lurve the Fall…

Golden days of sunshine and cool evenings so you can sleep sound. My favorite season by far! :wink:


The kids are back at school the streets are quieter the air is cooler

thank you with all my heart SurprisedJ. my religion keeps me going. wishing you too a peaceful season with all the sweet trimmings.

thanks again, judy

and the golden leaves falling from the trees… and the green ones left holding onto last season at its best… the beauty of nature is astounding…


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**Happy Holidays to you Judy! :fireworks: **

thanks ever so much bridgecomet. and a pleasant sweet season to you all.

hugs, judy

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