Another summer many summers

I’ve lived 53 years and it seems to many summers have gone by. I hate the summers these days but I used to love it during my college years going down to Panama City Beach or Kissimmee Florida to work during the summers. I used to work my ass off and always be proud of working, now I can’t work and it still kills me that I can’t. I look forward to the Fall and all the cool weather. Hate winter eventually but right now it seems like a blessing except I worry about the homeless and the animals left outside during the winter months. don’t really know the point of this post, except that I’m really, really glad summer is about over. You?

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Fall is my favorite season. The crisp taste of the air from the fallen leaves. Football season. Walks in the park. Nothing beats it. Really it’s the only season you can live in the moment. When it’s winter you look forward to the spring. Spring I look forward to the summer. And summer I look forward to the fall. Fall…I never want to end. Wooooo fall. September/october are my favorite months. Glad it’s september :smiley:

Today didn’t feel like fall though…


I love this time of year.

Yeah, Fall is my favorite season also :fallen_leaf:


2010 Summer-mental hospital
2011 summer-mental hospital
2012 summer-mental hospital
2013 summer-DEPRESSED
2014 summer-rehab
2015 summer-best summer ive had since summer of 09 (the greatest 3 months of my life)

ive had bad summer luck, getting better though :blush:


Fall, because it has nice colours and I’m born in November.
There is something poetic about fall.


Me too. The summers are hot and humid here, and fall is always such a relief. I love the colors and the coolness and the new stars in the sky. And November is clearly the best month to have a birthday in.

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Are you a scorpio?

:imp: yes I am!

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No wonder you dislike me :laughing:

Haha Jk.

Girl I lost my virginity to was a scorpio.

But geminis and scorpios are a weird match :confused:

Sure it’s not that you’re a Yankees fan? :innocent:

But actually I don’t dislike you, promise! :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:




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Also my roommate is a Gemini. Can’t swear there’s a connection, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. She and I have very different outlooks. :laughing: But I love her to pieces anyway.

Yeah I dont think astrology is the be-all-end-all but I “follow it intuitively” and find it interesting.

I tend to struggle the most with water signs though, that said water and air can co-exist and be good friends though.

Touche on the Yankees comment btw !

Are you a redsox fan?

Cubs! AL team is the Tigers. I’m a devoted baseball fan, but not an intense one. Just, you know, Yankees fans… They’re just such… Yankees fans.

Guessing from the rest of it that you’re in or around NY. So you’re excused, you don’t know any better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Both my parents are from the Bronx. My dad had season tix growing up to Yankees games. So I was (thankfully) born into it. Not a bandwagoner. Yeah I’m about 40 minutes from Yankee Stadium

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Well, I’m a hockey fan primarily, and my team is the Red Wings, so I really can’t throw stones. Some teams are just more excellent than others! I have a partial season ticket plan, which is dead dumb, because it’s a trek to get there for the games. 6+ hours by car.

I’m a NY rangers fan…I’m hoping three years as an elite team is…3x the charm this year. We’ll see :blush:

Martin St. Louis retired but he wasn’t very good this postseason. Everyone else back, should be good again.

Oh Marty - I don’t know how attached to him you got in the short time he was there. I just had trouble stomaching how he swung it. Which is too bad, I really liked him before that. But, you know. Detroit. We’re all part of the cult of Yzerman here.

You’ve got a good team. You’ve got an excellent goaltender. I mean, I suppose you could pull a Boston or something, but I think you have a few good years left.

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Love you @jukebox. Stay strong man.

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