What's you're season(s)?

Do you believe in more than 4 or even three? Do you lose you’re energy in the fall? Do you prosper in the winter?
What do you have to look forward to this year, or if you’re more on the intrinsic side; in this life time?!? oh yea these answers can be very secret so answer at you’re discretion
Be Creative!!
Even if its: Summer because its so hot i sweat away the way i feel today!!

Hmm… I Love the fall, I get to wear a nice light jacket and neutral colors, Browns, blacks, grays and whites. I feel fresh. like i have something to offer the diminishing world. i get to leave my window open and smell the natural elegance of the sacred geometry. :slight_smile:

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Late winter & spring into late August are my good times, high energy times.
February through spring Equinox is a time of heavy revelation and the opening of the spirit portals many a year. End of August I see leaves change and begin to feel the ebb of energy. I can endure fall but I know what is coming. the biting cold, bitter winds, and teeth of ice. along with long nights and lethargic body…

Each year has different number of seasons, so the number depends. One year without a winter saw temps in December and January in the 60s and 70…barefoot, even got a tan… that year (94 - 95) Had fall, spring (small buds came out in December and January), a brief 3 or 4 week ‘winter’ but just flurries for snow, then spring…

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I love fall when the leaves are changing and everything looks so pretty. I also love winter because unlike many people I love the snow, (it’s ice I hate). I find the falling of snow to be so pretty, especially when they’re big flaky snow and when it firsts piles on the ground into a winter white wonderland.

Though I get more and more depressed as winter drags on int January and all that pretty white snow turns to icky brownish/black slush from being pushed around on car tires, having pets do their little business out in…and the drifts as high as me sometimes caused by snow plows. The dragging on of winter winter the trees have long been dead, and people start complaining because they’ve been trapped inside because they can’t move around in the icy slush piling up outside.

Then times like this when you’re going into the dog days of summer, the heat has starting to step in, grass yards no matter how well maintained turn brown and die. The humidity gets hotter than the actually temperature making the outside be almost unbearable, even if you’re sitting under a large shade tree or spending the days in a cool shade covered pool area. I don’t know, I think I’d rather be shivering in layers rather than showing all the rolls of body fat because I can’t bear to be in fabric.

While early spring is nice with everything starting to bloom again and life is coming back into the frozen yards and leaves are returning to barren trees. Yet I have huge allergy problems caused by the blooming of said trees and flowers, which makes me stay inside feeling to sick and drowsy to enjoy the nice cool but not to cold or warmer but not to hot weather.

So I love the Fall and the beginning of Winter the most, I could live with out the rest of the year.

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I like all the seasons for different reasons. But this summer heat is killing me. I really love fall, and spring. Planning the gardens in fall and planting them early spring… I love it. Winter is nice but again, extreme heat or cold will really sets me off.

It seems like hard things are just that much harder when it’s hot. I really don’t do well in the deeps of summer.

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I live in Arizona, so that rules out most of May, all of June, July, August, September, and parts of October. The rest of the year is wonderful. Great weather, and people are in better moods.

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Fall is my favorite time of year. It is the holiday season and the football season. I get to see family and see great football games. I love the weather and the color of the leaves on the trees. Spring is my next favorite season because of the weather and all the flowers are in bloom. Summer is my next favorite because it is hot enough to go swimming. Winter is my least favorite. January and February are so cold.

If im in the desert i enjoy everything but summer.

If im in a wintry place i enjoy everything but the dead of the winter.

If i have no body made of flesh i enjoy all of it.

I can say same… I do actually enjoy the part of winter you mention…those fresh fallen snows, the snow on the branches, big flakes, etc…when its not too cold…everything even smells fresh and pure… but that is only a small part of winter and the dragging on that involves the dreary grey, bitter cold, the black dirt in the snow, ice, etc is a bummer…

This is pretty…before it melts or everything freezes hard…


In the summer in the desert i enjoy night, not day.

In the summer in a cold place i enjoy day and night, both are good.

It’s not one season and one place and one time i enjoy.

I like all the seasons too. I like winter when I’m in my warm apartment listening to the rain. I like summer as long as it’s not in the 100 degree range.

I’m in south Texas, so summers here can be 110°. Not pleasant. I have to wake up at 5 am to get my daily walks in before it gets brutally hot.

I generally hate winter, except for the fact that I get to wear my leather jackets and boots.

I’m more of a spring person. The temp is perfect for 5 mile walks. And it seems everywhere I turn, there is a beautiful flower or tree to photograph. I have so much energy, positivity, and creativity in spring. Now I miss it lol.




I’m an autumn (fall) person. Here in Cape Town it is March to May. My favourite time of the year is April to July. I also like winter, despite it being really cold, its nice to snuggle under the duvet!

Summer though, I don’t like at all. The worst and most depressing time of the year for me is December to March. The days are too long, the nights are too short and the weather is too hot and there are spiders and flies all over the place. At least in winter I don’t have to worry about flies sitting on my food!

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I love the fall, when the leaves change, the air starts to get colder, and you can smell the change in the air. Halloween, football, and Thanksgiving, it’s the best time of the year.

I LOVE Fall into winter. I love the feeling of Halloween. The bit in the air, the orca migration, the crisp chill of the mornings.

Then I love the snow. I love all the things you can do in snow. I love building snow men, and wearing all the winter clothing, I love watching the people on the beach make snow/ice sculptures.

I love the misted afternoons and the silence of an early morning snow fall. I love sitting in front of the windows with hot coco watching the flakes lightly waft down and blanket the street. I love the sound of the snow as it crunches under my feet.

I love the lights. The christmas lights, new years lights, I guess Late fall and early winter are my favorite time of the year.

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All this talk of winter, while it’s hot and humid outside, sounds so good. The only think I really hate about winter are the bad roads. We can get some really nasty road conditions around here. It always stresses me out.

Yeah, I can see that. You’re back east where you get REAL snow. I have to admit, you’re area gets more in a day then we get in a week. But I still love it when it comes.

I prefer the spring , not too hot and not too cold.

The fall is my favorite. All the colors. The mouldy smells. The mud, rain, snow. Those days when the sun does come out, indian summers.

that is is pretty. :smile: