I feel better off meds

I’m not sure i want to go on them but despite being told I dont have schiz or possibly dont even have bipolar… i do wonder if it was Abilify that was causing me more anxiety than I already had… part of me worries than the pdoc is wrong and ill relapse into psychosis

Do you have other people around who can keep an eye on you? If so, the best warn them to look out for signs of relapse, and also have some medications on hand that you can start on straight away.

Relapse can be life threatening, both for you and for others.

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yes but i can’t get hold of meds as I had to go off the last ones I tried due to a possible reaction caused by it … no access to pdoc no one picking up

Maybe have someone who can drive you to a hospital if you relapse. You’d probably lose insight shortly before the relapse and you might start resisting offers of meds.

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Its possible however my last psychosis being 10 years ago I had a degree of insight to know somrhing was off but didn’t know what psychosis was

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