I feel bad that I feel bad

I feel so depressed… and I feel bad about it cause I have no real reason to be depressed… which makes me feel worse…

My life is decent honestly, I have friends… I have my parents… I have a husband…
I shouldn’t be sad.

Could be Covid fatigue or even simply the winter blues.

February is thankfully a short month…so 4 more weeks and we’re headed for March…then Spring!


Ah possibly…

Yay! March is right around the corner!!


My bros been having depression. He wasnt sure why either but i suggested its covid fatigue because you cant visit friends normally or do the same things you used to.
Situational depression is a real thing too

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Guilt, Sadness, Regret, Anger, Torment, Anguish, Suffering, And Endless Raindrops Of Shame.

Where Is The Ending Of All of These Hopeless Emotions?.

In Some Room Inside Of Your House?.

Buried Somewhere In A Forest Nearby?.

No!, The Possibilities For Your Future That Is Meaningful Is Endless.

There Is, (As The Smith’s Say), A Light That Never Goes Out.

The Darkness Comprehends It Not. But!, The Light In All Of Our Eyes Already Sees It.

That Void Of Redemption And Happiness Is Waiting Patiently For Our Next Step.

Into The Great Unknown (!!!).


I also feel depressed for no reason

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