I am so depressed

i am just crying inside for a few days now. i don’t even know what triggered it.

i am so glad winter is over. Our holidays are coming but mine will be a bummer. No company.

i got my vaccine but i am still afraid to travel right now. i miss my daughter and my grandkids.

i am so unhappy.

hugs to y’all, judy


Are you taking antidepressants? In any case best wishes for your recovery.

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only abilify. thanks for wishing me well. i wish you well too.

i am starting to pick myself up this morning thanks.

all by my lonesome makes me so MAD.

there’s a whole lot i could do but instead…


I hope you start feeling more upbeat soon Judy.
Wishing you well.

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Be strong and stay positive, Juddy. You can always come to this site to vent. Not everybody in this community is caring but we do have some cool members here who have a great heart. Hugs to you!

Sorry you’re feeling down. Hopefully you’ll start to feel better soon.

i hope you feel better soon again…
sucks to feel unhappy…
i don’t go out anymore either and i managed to accept the simple life i’m leading now and don’t feel unhappy about it anymore… i hope you can feel more happy again soon too!

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Sorry that you feel like that, I hope you feel better soon

I’m sorry you’re feeling down @ifeelblessed. As the weather improves, are you able to go outside and walk a little? This may help you feel a little better, especially as Spring starts to emerge.

I’m glad to hear that you received your covid vaccination. That is good news and is at least one less thing to worry about. Take care.

I guess it has been particular hard on people with the covid situation the last year. Not much to do, travel restrictions etcetera. But it’s bound to get better soon. Hang in there and do what positive things you can to pass the time.

I feel pretty sad here and there and get crying fits too. I’m scheduled to go in, and I’ll ask for a med change next month.

Please know that this is passing and you are gonna be ok. You just take care of you. Also if you’re vacinated you’ve done all you can and should feel safe enough to go out and about, if you’re wearing a mask you’ve literally like got this virus on lock out, just feel free to live your life and enjoy your changing weather.

This winter started fine for me, but I was just feeling it pretty hard near the end.

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This is an after thought but I wouldn’t even bother with the mask if you are vaccinated unless you have someone vulnerable in your life, the uncertainty about if you can spread it, needs to be worked out and if you got the vaccine even if you get it, it should protect you from the worst of it. There’s next to no way of going back to normal without the vaccine so if you got it, you’ve earned your normal.

I disagree. Its worth doing it anyway as it shows you are complying with the rules. Otherwise people might judge you as breaking them.
I also don’t know if the vaccine gives full immunity, or just very high chance of immunity.

Maybe this is obvious but call them or zoom or facetime.

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hope you feel better.

you know getting out of the house and being in an environment where there are others is great.

and feeling productive at work and useful and needed helps also.

i am feeling lucky just now.

hugs to y’all, judy


I’m sorry you’re so sad. I really hope you see your grandkids soon and that it helps lift your mood a bit.

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hugs to you too @ifeelblessed …hope you feel better soon

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