Why I feel bad when with depressed ppl?

My aunt’s Dr said she has depression but she refused treatment. Everytime she comes to our house she has a bad and sad vibe. It makes me feel bad and worse. Not good for my mental health. I guess my Drs were right and I don’t have depression. I am not saying depression is contagious but I don’t feel comfortable as it feels like she makes me depressed a bit temporarily. I guess ppl’s moods can affect my mood.


I know 2 women on my mother’s family side who suffer from depression. Luckily I didn’t inherit that. I don’t know from where I got sz as no one in my family or extended family has sz.

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I have severe negative symptoms and I get mad about that but I don’t feel sad or depressed.

Some people absorb people’s moods more than others.

I think i used to be like that. But one thing I learned overtime is I’m not responsible for someone else’s happiness.

I’m less affected by people’s emotional states these days

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Noone in my family have the skitz either

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You might have a lot of empathy. Maybe?


I came to the realization during my psychotic years that being depressed is not normal. It feels normal, edgy, and even a little special when you’re dealing with it, but I think it’s simply an error in the brain. Happy is a person’s natural resting state, at least as long as no damage is being done. In the years before I had sza, I suffered from depression and got all pretentious and moody about it. Nowadays I just try and stay happy and not get all wrapped up in dark stuff.

I still like horror movies though muahahaha


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