I fear I’ll die young

I’m not sure I even have 5 or 10 years left

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I used to be obsessed about that. Then it went away when my dose was increased. I’m 48 now and had been really worried about it since I was 16.

My level of fitness is good, and I believe that with an optimal lifestyle I will survive and maybe even thrive.

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I don’t fear death. I just don’t want to die by my own hands because I don’t want my kids to have to carry that with them through life

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I always thought I would be gone by now, but I am 54 and maybe I will make it to 84 like my mom is right now.

Sometimes I want to die young, when I’m feeling bad. I don’t know… we might as well stick around as long as we can. One day at a time. Let nature take it’s course and try to make the most of the ride.

I don’t fear death. I work in aged care so i’ve seen a lot of death in my time. It looks peaceful, and (if i do say so myself) our palliative care is top notch. I don’t worry about how long i’ll live because that isn’t something i can control anyway. I just try to make the best of each day. It is bloody hard but it beats stressing on whether i’ll be here in 5 or 10 years time. You’ll just never know.

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