Everyone’s got to go sometime

As my fathers health is deteriorating, I’ve been thinking of death more and more.
Nothing is permanent.

Heck I’m beginning to Slow down too as I age.

I’ll be 57 this June.

Death and dying have been on my mind as of late.

May peace find us when it’s our time to go.


I’m 47 (48 in 2 days) and I think about it more than I should too. I wish I had more faith (I’m agnostic), it would give me more comfort I think. I sometimes wish I would’ve had children, I also think that this would give me some comfort. Oh well, life will go on once we are gone. I have nieces and a nephew who will continue on after I am gone. I think that thinking about it less would probably lead to a happier life.


I’ve been obsessed about (my) death since I was 16. I’m 51 now. The obsession has gotten much less over the years ironically.


I hopeci only have 10 to 15 years left. That would put me between 62 to 67. That would be ideal. I’m not afraid of death. I hope I just die from medical reasons/natural causes.


Try being 60 years old. I’m so old I remember when rainbows came in black & white.


I’m 62. I got you beat by two years.


I was strong for my Mother.
I think I’ll be ready for my father.
87 years is a long time.

But who knows, I can go before him.

I think I’ll be ready for myself too when the time arrives.

To be honest I’m just so ■■■■■■■ tired.

I can’t hold on forever.

Nothing lasts forever.

That’s for sure.


Im scared of death, the thought of my consciousness being gone for eternity scares the hell out of me. I want to live forever.


I’m not afraid of death. Because I have hope.


I have always been very afraid of death. As I age I’m becoming more at peace with the idea.

My dad is 82 and also becoming weaker. My mom died in 1999.


I’m 65. Sometimes I feel like I might die in the next year or two. But other times I feel better. Everyone acts like I’m such a burden, because lying lunatics are obsessed with making me look bad. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to shorten my life. I would feel so much better if I was sure there was a reason for everything, because I’ve never done anything to anyone. But sometimes I think I’m going to be a casualty of superficial liars, and I just can’t believe it, because I don’t even think they can do much of anything. The people lying are obviously supporting some insane criminals and have the nerve to insult you all the time.

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I’m 62, and I’m wondering what will get me. Both my parents died of brain diseases with symptoms just like Alzheimer’s, but with a different pathological mechanism. My doctor tells me that my triglycerides are bad, so I could die of heart congestion, but heart disease doesn’t run in our family. There is always cancer, and you never know when you might have a fatal accident. Whatever it is I hope that it is quick.

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I’m not scared to die !! I want to live though to the fullest as I try!!!

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