I experienced burning

In my dreams the other night i came the closest you can come to burning to death without actually doing it.

So, so horrible.

I could smell it, and feel all of it’s hopelessness and fear.

It was so real.

So sorry that you had to go through that, hopefully its history and you wont be experiencing nightmares like that again

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You have a lot of stuff of value in you.

I got the experience of burning pain when I was in hospital in 2012. It’s so horrible that I felt my tummy was going to exploded with the fire. Fortunately the antipsychotics the Pdoc gave me started to take effect one week later, so the sensation of burning pain only lasted for three days.

I hope my experience could be a help to you.

I’m sorry you’ve had that one hit you. It’s scary and painful. Being back in the house fire is one glitch that still hits me now and then. My burn scars even hurt all over again.

I hope you don’t have that dream ever again. Sorry it hit you and I hope you feel better.

Well at least you know ahead of time where your going when you die

I’ve already been for the most part.

It was a metaphor, the burning it talks about, it was just a metaphor, and i’ve already gotten alot of it.