Has any one had a dream with pain in it

One time I had a dream that I was at my aunt’s house and then I got cought by an old guy that was pinching my but really hard and I was telling him to stop and he didn’t for a little while. It hurt like hell and I remember wishing for the pain to stop

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The voices say this is proof that they can couse me pain in the after life

I had a dream that I died in and it hurt a lot.

I had a dream when unmedicated where I was followed by a bear where the bear ate my head alive. I was traumatized when I woke up.

How bad did it hurt? What happened?

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It was the first time I had a dream with pain in it

It hurt bad and all I know is I was killed in the dream.

Did it hurt? 1414

Not physically but psychologically and emotionally yes, my heart was racing and I was dizzy.

I fell asleep once and woke up having lung and back spasms for 5 min. The illness lowered my pain tolerance considerably so I fear old age. I don’t know if there is life after death but there probably is. Wish I could help you personally but unfortunately the system of government we have right now does not allow me to do anything besides watch, “be gay,” and hang out on the forums reading interesting stories.

omg yes.
it was rats, they were crawling around on the floor in the room I was in n then one bit me really really hard and it hurt

I cnt remember if it woke me up but it felt very painful!

I think that I had a dream with pain in it due to someone/something grabbing my arm but I woke up to find I was sleeping in a funny position, and it was that was making my arm hurt.

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I had a dream where i was struck by lightening. I remember experiencing an electrical jolt running through my body so strong that i felt paralysed. It was also quite painful. When i woke, i remember being very confused about where i was and what had actually happened.

Ever since these voices I have been getting dreams with sensations in it like feeling stuff and feeling pleasure but that one time I took a nap in the day and they coused me pain

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Often, pain and dreams are connected for me. One time, I was having a great amount of muscle pain (or so it seems) while I was sleeping. So I ended up waking up.

I’ve experienced dreams of my head being run through wood saws, my brain being impaled by long stilettos, my body being hacked to pieces by serial killers wielding butcher knives, of being shot through the head by a single bullet at point blank range, to being bomblasted by a torrent of bullets. All of these being fully felt in all their pain and leading to my death and then my sudden awakening.

This sounds horrifying


No kidding. I think I have some of the worst nightmares ever.

It happened to me not long ago for the first time… I was surprised that you can feel pain in a dream… I guess I go more sensible now, after the emotionless of my condition… It also happened me to wake up in crying after a dream, so yeap, its normal. I guess our subconscious works even, if not mostly, when we sleep :slight_smile: .

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Wow I never had a dream that bad but I had one last night about burning alive and felt it a bit

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