I drank too much coffee!


… And now I have the worst heartburn!

I can barely breathe!

From now on it’s going to be 2 to three cups in the morning.
I think I over did it with 4 cups in the evening.

I learned my lesson :slightly_smiling_face:


Yah I’d be a nervous jittery wreck if I drank four in the evening. I have enough trouble with one in the morning!


Well 2 cups were in the morning, one was in the afternoon and the 4th cup was in the evening.

I’m surprised I’m not jittery.

But I got the worse heartburn.

I ate something and am feeling a bit better now.


Have you tried tea? I like tea, too especially green or oolong tea. Coffee will give you bad heartburn.


I’m allergic to green tea and I’m not a big fan of other teas.


Oh nooo!!! So sorry. :confused: Coffee it is, the. I buy the Folgers light roast brand because it is easier on the stomach.


I like Folgers.
I’m glad you’ve found a coffee that agrees with you @oolaloola.



Sorry, man, that’s a horrible feeling.

Take some tums!


I never do more than 3 cups a coffee a day, usually I do 2 cups but when I’m studying hard I need 3 cups.
The downside is that I smoke a lot more with more coffee…


I can’t take Tums, it interacts with my meds.
I ate some rice and am feeling better now.
Thanks @goldenrex


Try drinking baking soda in water, that’s basically an antacid too.


Yuk! Thanks but no thanks! :smile:


And the you could drink some vinegar and cause a volcanic eruption in your tummy. :smiley:


I don’t drink coffee like I used to. Nowadays I drink one or two cups in the morning and maybe one or two cups of decaf in the afternoon. That’s about it for me. Hope you feel better @Wave.


Yeah I’m feeling better now.
Thanks @disciple!


I would never drink too much coffee.





Oh no! So uncomfortable!


I like coffee in the morning and also after lunch, but I try not to drink too much.


I drink around three cups of coffee a day sometimes more depending on how sedated I feel. Usually it’s the only way I can get the gumption to do anything.

No one understands how tired I feel without coffée . it does give me heart burn sometimes I usually just drink a glass of milk to help. But I’m lactose intolerant so trading my discomfort for everyone’s discomfort


Cof-fay and nachos for supper. TUMS for dessert.

May spend the night sleeping in my chair, however.