I don't want to go anywhere.....tonight

I feel like I’m at the party already truthfully. Never had a psychiatrist or opened up so much about my illness. So I feel like the party is here. I used to be at people’s beckon call and the hallucinations didn’t help. Why does it feel like it’s one of those nights where anything could happen but I don’t want to move one inch?

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NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS I feelthe same way im happier reading my book than going to a knighclub or a bar and when I drink its just makes me ill.
im not 21 anymore (thankgod)

But at the same time…(oh look stunning because the night is coming) just turns me out in that song…it’s builds and leads to a great experience of reality through breaking the barriers of social anxiety into a beautiful guitar solo that makes me want to drive as it plays. Just drive and find out wtf is really going on.

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very poetic and beautiful that was thankyou.

never again, have private messaged you. jayne