I don't want councelling from her...!

I signed up for counselling. I have been assigned the lady who did the group therapy (where no one but me turned up). I am a bit apprehensive about doing counselling with her. She is not a qualified councellor to start with. She is a nice lady. But when I opened up to her in one of the sessions she said “everyone gets that, that is normal”… when it is not for me… I told her if it was normal why am I on these meds it was those symptoms that led to psychosis… I don’t think I’ll go as it is pointless. Plus I want to be relaxed when I start work on Thursday. I have one app with employment specialist and that’s on Wednesday and I think I will beneift from that but that is it…

Apparently when my employment specialist tried to refer me to the nhs councellor she was told i needed specialised therapy for my moods and the waiting list is long…

This lady who is offering it to me is from a chairity… i really appreciate it but I don’t feel it’s for me.

Could you request a different counselor from the group? It is important that you feel comfortable with your counselor. Just say you don’t feel comfortable with her style.

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I cannot plus she’ just wanted me to come in for the day cos now I will be working i cannot attend her sessions every week… or even over the phone,

I’m really sorry! I keep a journal. It is almost as good as counseling. Would that be worth a try? It is helpful to talk to someone even if it is yourself in a journal. It helps to write things down :slight_smile:


I actually agree with @amethyst about the journaling, it really can be like therapy. Some of the best therapy I’ve ever had I’ve given to myself, not trying to be conceited.